Peaceful, Bucolic Woodlawn park
Above: Peaceful Bucolic Woodlawn Park, an Oasis in the Center of Fairmont

Granite Flower Urns

Granite Urn

$75.00 for one urn
$125. for two urns

The granite urn is just for flowers and sits on the monument. We attach them to the monument if it is large enough. Some monuments are too small. The urns cannot be added to an existing monument.


Schedule of Fees for Services*

Opening/Closing fees for burials:
Check with your funeral home.

Cremation Burials:
Check with your funeral home.

Finding a grave:      $25.00

Flat engraved Markers for graves: $125.00

Granite flower holders for graves: $75.00

Burial Lots  available at $440 each
or 2 for $770


* These prices are subject to annual adjustment. Always contact us for current rates.

Tax Deductible Contributions:

Certain donations to non-501(c)(3) organizations are deductible as charitable contributions. These include gifts to cemetery companies that are not otherwise given for the care of a particular lot or crypt (IRS Pub. 4221-NC). If you make a donation, you can designate it for general maintenance or current restoration projects on buildings.

Please send your donation with necessary information to Woodlawn Cemetery, PO Box 765, Fairmont WV 26554:

Grave Markers 
Black Granite  $125.  with foundation installed

Granite Markers

Granite Marker sityting on tableop

We use the black granite markers for marking graves. So many graves still do not have markers and it causes havoc for identification. Do you have an unmarked grave in a family plot?

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