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(Unless otherwise noted, photographs throughout the site were taken by Gena Wagaman and Nancy Toothman)
The old burials
"The Hill" in Section 1


Julia Pierpont Day is always celebrated on Memorial Day weekend. Mrs. Pierpont is credited with instituting the original Decoration Day, later Memorial Day. More...

Putting a wreath on the Pierpont Burials

A peaceful view
A peaceful view

Jonathan Watson
Cindy Stickles
Mary Jo Thomas
Linda Prickett
Nancy Bickerstaff
Guy Ward
Raymond Alvarez
Nancy Lawler
Karen Gribben
David Smith
Emily Bickerstaff
Nancy Seccuro

David Smith, President 304.612.4317
Nancy Bickerstaff, Member at Large 304.366.3231


Please call ahead for an appointment. We are all volunteers except our groundsmen/caretakers. We have two men who mow and take care of the grounds in general. Caretakers cannot answer questions or find graves. Volunteers do this.

We now have a grave finding fee of $25.
This fee goes to the Woodlawn Foundation not to the volunteers.


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